Reuben van Dorp

About me

I am an avid maker. I love everything electrical and have a deep interest of the inner workings of all things and devices. I spent my teenage years designing and building radio controlled planes and drones and learning the basics of circuits and electronics in my free time. This website is a place for me to share the projects that I work on.

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Mechanical Spider Robot

My attempt to build a 6 legged hexapod walking robot. Powered by 18 servo motors and controlled by an ESP32 microcontroller. This article contains an overview of the build design and build process.


Guitar compressor pedal

This project outlines the process of taking a pre-existing circuit design for an audio compressor circuit, designing a PCB, and assembling the components neatly into an enclosure.


Line Following Robot

This project required student groups to construct a line following robot using basic electrical components. The robots would be raced around a simple course and raced in a time trial format.


Filament Spool Holder

A small project where I design a spool holder for my 3D printer.